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HONGDA SPRAY electrostatic paint coating spray gun manufacturers

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In the process of purchasing an electrostatic spray gun, the problem of the price of the electrostatic spray gun, whether you are the boss of the company, the coating engineer or the purchaser, is one of the important factors that influence your purchase decision. There are many brands of electrostatic spray gun on the market, and the price of electrostatic spray gun is confused. HONGDA SPRAY electrostatic spray gun price

一、The technical level

Electrostatic spray gun enterprises abroad design capability, technical level and processing method were higher than others, they all have advanced the design of the reserve, and we are in the field of technology has been a short board, just as the general characteristics of modern industrial coating equipment is high reliability, high performance, high applicability, most of our country enterprise products and foreign products gap is also in this respect.

二、Strategic vision

The products of world-class companies often give a very clear impression.

We have a lot of strategic diversification of electrostatic spraying gun enterprises. Meanwhile, there are excessive and vicious competition. In addition, many domestic injector enterprises and brand main businesses are not raised, and the core competitiveness is poor. As a result, companies need to be professional and become leaders of products, said BBS experts in the China machinery industry peak in 2012.

The current scale of China's electrostatic spraying gun enterprises should be the best for a certain type of products, and the differentiation strategy will be competitive. As robin li of baidu has said, the best way to do this is to be successful.

三、The talent problem

Many Chinese think that foreigners don't understand the Chinese market, foreign manufacturers are actually will use well-paid Chinese local talent, willing to spend money on information, establishing effective channels of information pipeline and the resolution of the rapid response plan.

However, the response of Chinese spraying enterprises to the market often lags behind, and we often lack the determination to delay the business opportunities when we plan the resolution.

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