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HDA-1020 Manual electrostatic spray

HDA -1020 Manual electrostatic gun is a spray coating of fine, high efficiency good durability, high safety electrostatic spray gun.

.Save paint about 20%-30%

. spraying time about30% shorter than before

.reduce spray paint

.Save costs, reduce emissions

National service hotline:86-13926859125

HDA -1020 Manual electrostatic gun applications

Car, auto parts, resin moldings

mechanical and electrical,(distribution, air conditioning equipment, OA equipment, hone appliance prodcuts)

Bulding materials, furniture,( office equipment, copper sanctions, furniture, window frames)

machinery (building materials, machinery, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery)

other metal product

HDA -1020 Manual electrostatic gun

Max voltage DC-60KV
hydraulic pressure Max 0-0.3Mpa
standard 0.6Mpa
air pressure Max 0.05-0.4Mpa
standard 0.06Mpa
       air consumption 350N1/mm
       ari bore screw bore PF 1/4
       paint bore screw bore PF 1/4
       Length 231mm
      supply cable (standard) 5M/8M/30M
weight(without nozzle & cables) 490g 

HDA114  electrostatic controller for HDA-1020 Manual electrostatic gun

hdaspryagun electrostatic spray gun

        outup ajustment DC-20-60KV
        voltage  AC24V
Maximum current 80uA
        supply voltage AC220V±10%
        Dimention 260X160X350mm
   application environment temperature 0-45℃
 dampness 20-85℃
        weight 4.5kgs

Dongguan hongda spraying machine electric co. LTD
Contact person: Ms Croesus
Phone: 86 13926859125     Skype:
Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

procurement:HDA-X1 Self-stirring electric spray gun (single shot)

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