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SFCHINA 18-20th Nov 2019

HONGDA SPRAYING ELECTROMECHANICAL CO.,LTD, participate in the 32th International Surface Finishing and Coatings Products exhibition in Shanghai China, we'll show your our  latest electrostatic spray gun and technology on the show. And looking forward to meeting you here, booth No.: e2.d53.

HONGDA SPRAYING ELECTROMECHANICAL CO.,LTD is a strong supplier of electrostatic spray equipment, which integrates R & D, manufacturing and sales. Always focused on liquid electrostatic spray gun.  profound professional technology and more than 10 years of industry experience,  HDA been series thousand of customers of electrostatic spray gun product. has a good brand image in the industry, has provided technical support and scheme customization services for many large customers, helped customers and all walks of life to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Promote low-carbon economic growth.

 Hongda main products  are: manual electrostatic spray gun / water-based paint electrostatic spray gun / automatic electrostatic spray gun / rotating cup electrostatic spray gun / disk automatic electrostatic coating machine / automatic spray control system and paint supply system, etc.