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HDA-60 rotary bell automatic electrostatic spray gun

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HDA-60 rotary bell automatic electrostatic spray gun

Product introduction

PMQ series high speed static cup is a skillfully designed, flexible and efficient industrial coating rotary atomizer. It is a self-designed, high-tech product with international competitiveness.

HDA-60 rotary bell electrostatic spray gun |


Strong atomization ability: the world's leading turbine motor has a high speed, which ensures that the solvent and waterborne coatings are fully atomized.

High transfer efficiency: easy to control forming design, can confirm the paint rate up to 80%, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy cup head material, combined with different needs of the design of the forming cover, can meet the requirements under different conditions.

Applicable coatings: solvent and water-based coatings.

Applications: automotive parts, aluminum profiles, wood industry, motorcycles, bicycles, hardware, electronics, containers, agricultural and construction machinery.

Instructions for the use of air motors

1. The requirements of the gas source are as follows:

1, filter particles less than 0.01 microns;

2. The oil content is less than 0.01mg/m3,20 C;

3. The dew point of the operation pressure is less than 3 TD;

4, the pressure of the stable spindle bearing is 5.5~7Kgf/cm2;

5, the service life of the filter core is 250 days (6000 hours) or the pressure drop 0.1MPa must be replaced in time (not allowed to clean).

Two. The starting order of the pneumatic motor is as follows:

1, check whether the air floatation pressure of the air motor is stable at 5.5~7Kgf/cm2;

2, first of all, turn on the air floatation gas and use the hand to move the spray cup to check whether the rotor can rotate freely.

3. Turn on the rotary gas and adjust the pressure according to the required speed.

4. Open the forming gas and adjust the pressure according to the need of forming.

5, open the oil switch;

6, open the electrostatic switch.

Three. Turn off the pneumatic motor in order to turn the start-up sequence in operation (6, 5, 4, 3, 2): Attention: 1, to ensure that the vent is smooth, otherwise it will affect the speed of the motor.

2, to ensure that the pneumatic motor is stopped, the air source can be turned off.

HDA-60 rotary bell automatic electrostatic spray gun |

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