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Atomization technology of DISC

Source: hongda Browse:2558 The release date:2020.04.11 [ Large medium small ]

high speed electrostatic rotary DISC coating

HDA rotary DISC coating system

1. HV electrostatic controller

2. Pint inlet

3. Rotating bell

4. Pinat

5. Atomized particles

The HDA DISC is mormally monted vertically in the spray chamber of the conveyor chain, the paint is fed from the side of the high speed rotating DISC, which is charged and transmitted to the paint at 100KV, then the coating touches the spraying bell cup, the coating particles are split by the charges into smaller and more uniform particles until the surface tension of the coating is balanced with the charge replusion.

1 HDA-15 DISC coating system

Combining electrostatic effects with adjustimg the centrifugal force of rotation 5000-2300Rpm produces better and more uniform paint particles that are attracted to well grounded workpieces by high voltage charged particles, excellent surface quality and high paint transfer efficiency.

DA-15 high speed electrostatic rotary DISC coating  system

DA-15 high speed electrostatic DISC coating system

Atomization diameter               Centrifugal atomization

Max output current                  300ua

paint discharge volume            0-600cc

Max speed                             5000-23000 (unload)

Electrostatic device               External charging

installation                          Reciprocationg coating machine

Bell cup dimension             100mm, 170mm, 220mm, 250mm

DISC gun dimension         240mm X 650mm

Weigh                            8kgs


Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

Contact person: Ms Croesus

Phone: 86 13622624429 (same as wechat)

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