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what is the difference between powder coating and liquid paint coating

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The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin.”

Liquid coating advantages

·         Low VOC products are available, allowing you to bring some liquid coatings products into regulated areas.

·         Liquid coatings can be applied at lower film builds, which means less coating is required, which can be an economic advantage.

Types of Paint

Paint is a mechanical dispersion mixture of one or more pigments, a liquid that contains non-volatile film-forming materials, oil drying and a dilute highly volatile solvent.

And An electrostatic paint is a type of spray coating that is used to efficiently coat a metal substrate by inducing an electrical charge to the paint particles that make up the spray, causing the paint to adhere to the metal's oppositely charged surface.

Electrostatic painting allows for reduced loss of paint due to overspray. There is up to a 98% transfer rate when using electrostatic painting compared to the 40% efficiency then it more save cost and VOC reduction.

What HDA electrostatic spray guns apply?

1.Automobile industry, Automobile parts, new energy accessories, shells, wheels, helmets and other plastic and metal parts.

2. machinery coating: Switchboard, control panel, air conditioning machine, OA machine, household appliances, construction machine, grinding machine, production line coating.

3. building materials, furniture: office machinery, steel furniture, doors and windows spraying, materials bars, Aluminum bars spraying,

4.hardwares spraying: Luggage hardware accessories, decoration hardware, jewelry parts UV coating.

5.Glass bottle coating, glass packing bottle coating, perfume bottle coating, glass cosmetics bottle and glass wine bottle coating

How to chose a right electrostatic spray gun for the coating?

For example:
HDA-1020 liquid manual electrostatic spray gun always use as repaint or small quantity
production capacity coating.Because in this 4.0 industry, enterprises basically use automatic production to improve production capacity and reduce artificial products

HONGDA HDA-1020 hing efficiency good atomization air pressure Manual electrostatic liquid paint spray gun

HONGDA HDA-1020 Manual electrostatic paint spray gun

It is an electrostatic spraying machine with high spraying efficiency, fine coating, good durability and high safety. It can make the operator play the most incisively and vividly.

Protect environment, reduce cost, improve quality and capacity

HDA-1020 electrostatic spray gun product characteristics:

1, high safety: because the hidden high voltage generator in the gun body, so achieve high safety;
2, excellent processing: equipped with excellent direct penetration and far reaching HDA-18 nozzle, can achieve advanced coating effect;
3, high coating efficiency: with excellent direct penetration and far reaching HDA-70 nozzle, high coating efficiency can be achieved;
4, easy to use, comfortable feel: because it is a resin body, with light weight, the handle streamlined design, ergonomic, hand grip just in hand, long hours of work do not feel tired;

5, various adjustment and adjustment device: rotation regulator, you can easily adjust the amount of paint and spray width, convenient and quick;