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The HDA electrostatic spray equipment is most popular equipment in the interlakokraska Moscow 2024

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The interlakokraska Moscow 2024 is from 27 February to 1 March 2024 showing the companies news of Russia for Surface spraying equipment paint and chemicals exhibition. and the electrostatic liquid spray gun for coating equipment and robot coating is must popular spray equipment in the interlakokraska in Moscow 2024. also hope can meet all if you also interested in automatic spray equipment.

interlakokraska Moscow

From the pictures, it can be seen that our exhibition was quite successful. Our colleagues have been busy receiving new and old customers who are interested in liquid paint electrostatic spray equipment, including automatic electrostatic rotating bell spray gun, and automatic spray gun HDA-90 the one is working on robot arm. from the first day to the end of the exhibition.
HDA is a Chinese electrostatic spray gun factory with nearly 30 years of research and development. We have nearly 15 years of overseas sales and after-sales experience, as well as HDA agents in multiple countries. HDA can lead you from zero experience to become a professional in the industry. There are also many agents who originally made spray guns for other European brands. Our main reason for seeking HDA is that many spraying factories are currently saving costs. HDA's electrostatic spray gun also has the same effect and lower price to support the entire spraying market.

HDA electrostatic |hdaspraygun
In modern efficient spraying operations, the HDA electrostatic rotating bell spray gun is a good choice for you. Firstly, besides the spray gun body being a standard spraying tool, the control system can be configured according to the customer's spraying and on-site requirements. For example, surface spraying of large workpieces requires a reciprocating machine and two spray guns to spray in the same direction simultaneously. We will match it as shown in the following picture

electrostatic rotating bell spray gun | hdaspray
Electrostatic rotating bell spray equipment PLC control cabinet | hdaspraygun

there for the photo above for as the center PLC control cabinet for 2 electrostatic rotating spray bell using in the same time, that 1# and 2# electrostatic means 1# electrostatic is giving the electrostatic to the 1# electrostatic rotating spray bell gun, the 2# for 2# spray bell gun. the PLC control cabinet also control gear pumps and the Reciprocating coating machine.

If you're only using one gun and then we will make it smaller as small box and more simple. for fixed spraying maybe. as the photo following.

liquid paint spray equipment| hdaspraygun

However, if you interested in our spray systems, please send me your requirements.