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Small parts Luggage hardware automatic spraying HDA-60 electrostatic rotating bell surface spray.

The small metal  parts  automatic electrostatic rotary bell spray gun is a high-performance and efficient spraying tools, with the following characteristics:

1. Efficient static electricity: Advanced static electricity technology is adopted to ensure that each spray particle can uniformly adsorb on the surface of the coated object, improving spraying efficiency.

2. Rotating bell structure: The unique rotating cup design makes the spraying more uniform, avoiding the accumulation and waste of paint.

3. Automatic adjustment: The spray gun has an automatic adjustment function, which can automatically adjust the spraying parameters according to the shape and size of the coated object, ensuring the spraying quality.

4. Easy to operate: The small metal  parts  automatic electrostatic rotary bell spray gun is easy to operate, and even first-time users can quickly master its usage method.

5.Long service life: High quality materials and exquisite manufacturing technology ensure the service life of the spray gun and reduce the maintenance cost of the user. small metal  parts automatic electrostatic rotary cup spray gun is widely used in automobile, furniture, electronic products, construction and other industries in the spraying work, is the ideal choice for large-scale spraying production lines and small spraying operations.