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HDA electrostatic spray gun round nozzle installation

Source: hongda Browse:1565 The release date:2020.06.15 [ Large medium small ]

High security

Because the built-in high voltage generator is inside the gun body,

So high security has been achieved.

Excellent machining

Equipped with excellent micronized HDA-60 nozzle,

Advanced coating effect can be achieved.

High coating efficiency

HDA-70 nozzles with excellent direct penetration and far surface arrival,

High coating efficiency can be achieved.

Seeking the most convenient use

Because it's a resin body and lightweight,

1020 liquid electrostatic spray gun handle just hold in hand, so long working hours do not feel tired.

Various adjustment and adjustment devices

As the regulator, hongda electrostatic spray gun can be easily adjusted to discharge quantity and paint spraying range.

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