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Atomization tech of turbine bell

Source: hongda Browse:2640 The release date:2020.03.26 [ Large medium small ]

Rotary bell generally has three installation methods, Fixed, reciprocationg coating machine and coating robot. paint from the center to the high speed rotating bell head, bell had is charged and 80KV high voltage transmission to the paint, when the paint leaves the bell head, paint particles it is split by the charge into smaller and more uniform particles until the surface tension of the coating is balanced with the charge replulsion.

HDA liquid electrostatic spray gun

The combination of electrostatic effect and high speed rotating centrifugal force produces better and more uniform coating particles. these high voltage charged particles are attracted to well grounded workpieces, resulting in excellent surface quality and high coating transfer efficiency.

HDA liquid electrostatic spray gun

Structural sketch of the bell cup, (for PE coatings, the bell cup has a tube orchid / white water spearately supplied to the bell cup head for high speed rotating atomization mixing, reducing wasted of paint.

HDA liquid electrostatic spray gun

HDA-60 high speed liquid electrostatic air turbine bell spray gun has outstanding performance, excellent surface quality, high paint transfer efficiency, extraordinary service life, is the current market similar products with excellent perfomance of the rotaring.

prwerful and reliable, turbine motor speed up to 80000Rpm, whether conventional paint, high solid paint or water based paint can achieve high atomization, to ensure that the system operates undr optimal conditions.


Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

Contact person: Ms Croesus

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