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How to do spray machine with china manufacturers during the COVID-19

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HONGDA SPRAYING ELECTROMECHANICAL specialized in manufacturing electrostatic spray guns. such as  electrostatic spray gun, liquid electrostatic spray gun ,automatic electrostatic spray gun, manual electrostatic spray gun, electrostatic spray coating machine.We are the leader of electrostatic  spray guns with High quality & good service.

As glass bottle sprayingRepublica Moldova, steel  copper & brass paint spraying in Russia. To buy a coating machine from china spray equipment manufacture.As we know in the traditional to import a coating machine form china will pay a lot for the machine installation included thetravel expenses and the freight charges for the heavy machine.

As our HDA -60 high speed as 80000Rpm rotating bell spray gun weupgrade it smart equipment any one can handle the installation.

With fully set around 100kgs after wood packing.More save cost then standard set with PLC control cabinet.

electrostatic coating machine|hdaspraygun

automatic spray machine|hdaspraygun

What it use for for as the smart with as 100kgs less for as the full set?


Included one gear pump for your paint apply, one bell gun, with right bell cup (it depend what products coating, for as glass bottle automatic coating normally apply withΦ30mm bell cup will be better:

And the smart control box here for ON/OFF the bell gun, electrostatic control, and rotating speed control. H.V control.

How to take over the install for the smart automatic coating machine?

The installation diagram provide with the shipment into the coating machine packing. Video provide if you have any requiredduring the installation. Our technique will be there all the time to help you for the installation and adjustment.