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What electrostatic spray guns Russia choose?

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HDA spray gun specialized in manufacturing electrostatic spray guns, manual electrostatic spray, automatic electrostatic spray gun, electrostatic rotary bell spray gun and gear pumps, liquid coating system, electrostatic spray coating machine.

The HDA electrostatic spray guns always with good reputation and regular orders every month form our overseas distributors, also been sold to Germany, Italy, Australia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Russia etc.

HDA have high qualification of overseas sales with rich experience to guided any new customer from zero to professional to handle the HDA spray guns installation, adjustment and operation.

As the Russia coating industry was use Graco spray guns, Nordson, and Ransburg electrostatic spray guns, but as during the war with Ukraine and start to looking for the China electrostatic spray guns factory to instead them.

electrostatic spray gun | hdaspraygun

The HDA-1020 is the best choose in manual electrostatic spray guns.

High efficiency save paint - environmental protection - low pressure atomization

High efficiency coating and outstanding operability

The new design is lighter, more flexible, more suitable for long time spray use

• excellent paint effect, more efficient paint

• contribution to environmental improvement and VOC mitigation! *VOC: volatil

The HDA -1020 manual electrostatic gun application

spray guns manufacture |

1. Automobile spraying: auto parts, lager metal parts, container body, and any plastic components manual coating.

2. Machinery spraying: metal machinery cage, OA machinery, control panel, condition machine, household spraying.

3. Raw materials spraying: furniture wood parts, steel door and windows, metal bar, Aluminum bar spraying,construction materials spraying.

4.others:hardware coating,painting and wooden products coating;

5.Glass bottle coating, glass perfume bottle coating, glass cosmetics bottle and glass wine bottle coating

HONGDA HAD-1020 Manual electrostatic spray gun date:

Paint apply

All conductive coatings / general coatings / metal paints



Voltage Max


Hydraulic pressure




0.6 MPa

Air pressure


0.05-0.4 MPa


0.6 MPa

Air consumption


Air hose connection port

Screw diameter PF1/4

Paint hose connection port

Screw diameter PF1/4

Full length (HDA-70)


Length of connecting cable

5m 8m (Max 30m)

Weight (without cable))

15kgs included gun and controller cables (air +paint hose and power cable) 10mets standard.

Optional electrostatic spray nozzle it depend on what parts going to spraying. Find the following spray nozzles details:

it is the high competitive spray gun for you to choose in Russia coating industry.

If here any questions please contact Croesus for more details and for your ODM spray guns making if in need.


Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

Contact person: Ms Croesus

Phone: 86 13622624429 (same as wechat) and whatsapp