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Spray system high speed rotary electrostatic bell gun operations and installation.

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Most spray guns are standard especially manual spray guns, follow the attach user manual for your installation and operations that will do.

electrostatic rotary bell |hdaspraygun

But for the electrostatic rotary bell bit complicated, there more than 4-5 connections for the bell gun,  they are air flow, rotating speed, air pressure, paint input, and optical fiber connections etc.

Thin liquid films on a rotary bell atomizer in surface- following coordinates.

The thickness of a paint film on a high-speed rotary bell,1 especially near the periphery,2 has significance because film thickness in the region of departure contributes to the determination of average drop diameter in the subsequent spray.3 An example of an automotive New energy parts painting process, from supplied liquid through film deposition, is schematically shown in Fig. 1. As paint, which is a system of solvents and solutes, departs from the bell, it is shredded4 into an“infinity”of drops that can be approximated by a statistical distribution.5 Aerodynamic forces have a dependency on the initial tangential velocity of the departing drops. Thus, the eventual average drop diameter is influenced by a tentative balance between complex aerodynamic drop-shredding forces, drop-preserving forces of surface tension, and, if present, electrostatic forces.6 Larger drops are more vulnerable to aerodynamic shredding. However, as shredding reduces drop diameter, surface tension forces become relatively dominant, limiting further drop breakup.

Process flow—liquid paint enters the center of the bell, shear forces spread the liquid over the concave bell surface and accelerate it to the edge where it is atomized, and finally, air currents and electrostatics propel droplets toward deposition on the coating work-piece

Electrostatic rotary bell control cabinet

Main configuration: the paint supply and spraying control part is composed of pneumatic control cabinet, color change valve, gear pump and motor, electrostatic spraying rotating bell switch, paint, solvent and air supply pipeline, flow, atomization pressure, forming air pressure and high voltage conditioning system,

For ex sample

A smart set of HDA-60 automatic electrostatic rotary bell

HDA rotary bell spray gun

Max 80000Rpm unload speed,

For glass bottle UV spraying

Use normal 30mm atomizating bell cup

spraying distance the bell to the coating parts 150-250mm

spray distance with 2kgspressure is 250mm

3kgspressure is 280mm

spray width 300mm

electrostatic spray gun | hdaspraygun

HDA 202 rotary bell controller

Bell gun electrostatic control

bell gun ON/OFF, control

gear pump and control

spray width control

Atomization control

electrostatic spray system | hdaspraygun

HDA spray gear pump

5cc gear pump offer 300cc-500cc

adjust the control cabinet s transformer to be 250cc (for you want)

spray gear pump | hdaspraygun


Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

Contact person: Ms Croesus

Phone: 86 13622624429 (same as wechat)