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The great use of HONGDA electrostatic spray gun which pay attention to the problem?

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The paint used in electrostatic spray guns is mainly referred to the following recommendations:

1, different types (chemical characteristics) paint can not be mixed deployment, and choose the same kind of diluent;

2, use before mixing evenly, and transferred to the appropriate viscosity (dilution degree);

3, multi component paint must be in accordance with the instructions specified in the proportion of mixing evenly, and then re-use;

electrostatic spray gun, electrostatic liquid spray gun,

4, the surface of the paint crust or coarse granular phenomenon, filtering measures should be taken, so as not to brush the paint film is not smooth and blocked spray gun;

5, each time the coating is not too thick, and should be completely dry under the condition of applying second times to prevent rawish (false dry wrinkle).

Also need to pay attention to the problem: electrostatic spray gun for coating viscosity and resistance value have influence, paint need to deploy.

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