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How to use electrostatic spray gun equipment

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A  feedback from one of our friend who was purchase one set of HONGDA electrostatic  spray gun equipment met trouble when stared the operation. In fact, the use of electrostatic spray gun is very simple, as long as the understanding of electrostatic painting principle, coupled with a little bit of electrostatic spraying skill, HONGDA SPRAY ELECTROMECHANCAL explain for you:

In the use of electrostatic spray gun before, should be thoroughly cleaned thoroughly on the gun, it would be better to use, in addition to adjust the spray nozzle, the effect and position of the components is different, so the use of electrostatic spray gun staff should note that before application, for the whole equipment debugging. This is not nearly, can improve efficiency, but also can improve the quality of spraying.

The efficiency of electrostatic spray gun is high, and the paint film formed by electrostatic spraying is of good quality. The coating is smooth and fine, without any scratch. Electrostatic spray gun is a kind of coating which can spray and spray tiny particles into the surface of the coating after it is pressed. It makes the coating form a smooth, smooth and dense coating on the surface of the product.

Electrostatic spraying has strong adhesion and long coating life. After spraying the atomized paint particles get a strong momentum, the paint particles to reach pore kinetic energy, make the film more compact, thereby enhancing the coating and the coated bite, improves the adhesion of the coating, prolong the service life of the coating. Because the electrostatic spray gun, spray coating, spray does not contain air, coating is easy to reach corners, cracks and uneven brush parts.

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