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HDA-80T Automatic electrostatic paint spray gun

HONGDA HDA-80T Automatic electrostatic paint spray gun

automatic electrostatic spray gun with simple structure and versatility 

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HONGDA SPRYA HDA80T Automatic electrostatic spray gun

HDA-80T automatic liquid electrostatic paint spray gun characteristics:
An automatic electrostatic spray gun with simple structure and versatility;


1 、 light weight, easy to operate, high safety, durable, save paint, apply to all kinds of conductive workpiece coating;
2 、 electrostatic generator can adjust the current value to adapt to a variety of different coatings;
3, the use of electrostatic painting principle, can greatly improve the ratio of general air spray painting utilization rate, reduce the relative solvent and air consumption greatly, to realize the automation of production management, production, data integration;

          hig voltage DC-80KV
spray gun length 570mm
          weight 1.5kg without cable
          ccable length 3M-15M

HDA-80T automatic liquid electrostatic spray gun parameter:

HDA-80T automatic electrostatic spray gun is one of the most widely used and widely used spray guns. It is used in the automatic spraying system of reciprocating machines;

electrostatic spray gun nozzle |

Use liquid electrostatic spray gun needs to be satisfied
First, the paint and the workpiece must be conductive, and the workpiece to ensure effective grounding, measuring the best paint resistance value of 20 ~ 70mΩ-cm.
Second, paint viscosity, the use of viscosity measurement cup, the best value of 9 to 30 seconds.
Third, the choice of nozzle, fan nozzle or circular nozzle.
If you have technical questions before purchasing, please call Hongda HDA, we will arrange technical service for you!

HONGDA SPRAY HDA-80T electrostatic controller , electrostatic control, paint atomizaition scope safety adjustment device

         high voltage DC-80 KV
         high voltage adjustment -15 KV-80 KV Unsection type
         high voltage switch Automatic & Manual
         supply voltage AC 110 V-240 V 50/60 HZ
          Dimension 330 X 240 X 240
          weight 9.5 kgs

Optional: electrostatic spray gun used for reciprocating machines and mechanical hand electrostatic spraying gun
Main control box:
The main control box, set spraying, reciprocating machine, paint supply, electrostatic voltage switch, system interlock, alarm lamp functions, convenient operation, equipped with a PLC automatic control system, automatic detection, gap height, to achieve a more accurate spraying.

HONGDA SPRAY HDA-80T electrostatic controller

Controller oven for HONGDA HDA-80T automatic electrostatic spray gun 

HONGDA SPRAY HDA-80T Automatic electrostatic spray PLS control oven w

1) spinning wheel electrostatic spray gun unit speed, pressure adjustment, forming air adjustment

1) 2) electrostatic high voltage switching off adjustment

2) 3) function of paint switch gun

3) 4) electrostatic switch and the size of the regulating voltage

5) manual / automatic switching function

in case 

automatic electrostatic spray gun |

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Demo performance:

electrostatic liquid spray gun |

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Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

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