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HDA-100B New model Manual electrostatic liquid spray paint gun

HDA-100 B New Model Manual electrostatic liquid spray paint gun 

high safety feature

high voltage cable with detachable connector for easy maintenance

Teflon fluid hose which is easy to clean and maintain.

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HDA-100 B Manual electrostatic liquid spray paint gun 

electrostatic liquid spray paint gun |

Max voltage

DC-60 KV

hydraulic pressure


0-0.3 Mpa


0.6 Mpa

air pressure


0.05-0.5 Mpa


0.06 Mpa

       air consumption

350 Nl/mm

       air bore

screw bore PF 1/4

       paint bore

screw bore PF 1/4


248 mm

      supply cable (standard)

5 M/6 M/8 M/10 M

weight(without nozzle & cables)

480 g 


 Fits various gun hanger shapes and hangs gun in optimum balance gun hook

1. Digital display                            2. Precise oil control

3. Easy to operate                       4.  move Convenient

5. environment Protect             6. High efficiency paint                         cost

HDA Spray HDA-100 electrostatic controller 

electrostatic spay gun controller |

Output adjustment 

-15-60 KV

high voltage switch

Air flow switch

        supply voltage

AC 110 V-220 VHZ


220 X 145 X 270

   application environment

temperature 0-45

 dampness 20-80


6.5 kgs without holder

The high pressure curve is set up, and the output DC high voltage is stable. After fine atomization, the coated particles produce electrostatic surround effect under the influence of the electrostatic field force, thus improving the coating rate (coating efficiency);
2 、 adopt electronic switch mode, over current, automatic power off and discharge, start buzzer alarm, high safety;
3, according to the spraying conditions, step-less adjustment of the high voltage, suitable for all types of work and coating, convenient voltage trimming requirements;

Optional nozzle

spray paint gun parts |


Never use a metallic brush for cleaning the nozzle. The nozzle is an important part of the coating machine. If you damage the nozzle using a metallic brush, uniform spraying cannot be maintained .when cleaning the nozzle, used bamboo brush and the like. The electrode pin is pointed and likely to stick in your finger, so handle it carefully.




Car: car body, auto parts, resin molding parts;
Motor: distribution box, control panel, air conditioning machine, OA machinery, household electrical appliance;
Building materials, furniture: office machinery, steel furniture, door and window frames, walls, building materials board;
Machines: building machines, machine tools, industrial machines;
Other: all metal products, gold-plated products, wooden products, etc.;

Demo performance:

electrostatic spray paint gun |

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Contact person: Ms Croesus
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Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

procurement:HDA-X1 Self-stirring electric spray gun (single shot)

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