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HAD-1020 High pressure air manual electrostatic liquid paint spray gun for Malaysia

HAD-1020 High pressure air manual electrostatic liquid paint spray gun

High efficiency – save paint - environmental protection - low pressure atomization

High efficiency coating and outstanding operability

The new design is lighter, more flexible, more suitable for long time spray use

excellent paint effect, more efficient paint

contribution to environmental improvement and VOC mitigation! *VOC: volatile organic compounds

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 Electrostatic spray gun HDA-1020 High pressure air manual electrostatic liquid paint spray gun

electrostatic liquid paint spray gun for Malaysia market |

High security

Because the built-in high voltage generator is inside the gun body,

So high security has been achieved.

Excellent machining

Equipped with excellent micronized HDA-60 nozzle,

Advanced coating effect can be achieved.

High coating efficiency

HDA-70 nozzles with excellent direct penetration and far surface arrival,

High coating efficiency can be achieved.

Seeking the most convenient use

Because it's a resin body and lightweight,

1020 liquid electrostatic spray gun handle just hold in hand, so long working hours do not feel tired.

Various adjustment and adjustment devices

As the regulator, hongda electrostatic spray gun can be easily adjusted to discharge quantity and paint spraying range.

HDA electrostatic liquid paint spray gun for Malaysia market |

Paint Nozzle

retaining nut 

secures air cap to gun tip 

paint nozzle

discharges paint

air cap 

atomizes paint discharged from paint nozzle and creates spray pattern

HDA electrostatic liquid paint spray gin for Malaysia |

paint adjuster

adjusts paint discharge rate

HDA electrostatic liquid paint spray gun for Malaysia |

HONGDA HAD-1020 Manual electrostatic spray gun date

Use paint

All conductive coatings / general coatings / metal paints



Voltage Max


Hydraulic pressure




0.6 MPa

Air pressure


0.05-0.4 MPa


0.6 MPa

Air consumption


Air inlet

Screw diameter PF1/4

Paint entrance

Screw diameter  PF1/4

Full length (HDA-70)


Length of connecting cable

5m 8m (Max 30m)

Weight (without cable)


product application


1.Car coating:car body、car parts、larger container、plastic components

2.coating electric machinery coating:Switchboard, control panel, air conditioning machine, OA machinery,     household electrical appliances

3. building materials, furniture: office machinery, steel furniture, doors and windows, walls, building materialsMachinery coating:construction machinery、grinding machinery、production machinery.

 4.others:hardware coating、painting and wooden products coating;

5.Glass bottle coating, glass perfume bottle coating, glass cosmetics bottle and glass wine bottle coating


controller for HDA-1020 Manual electrostatic gun

HDA paint spray gun controller for Malaysia |

output adjustment




Maximum current


        supply voltage




   application environment

temperature 0-45

 dampness 20-85



Hongda HDA-1020 new built-in electrostatic spray gun, lightweight, reasonable structure, good effect, fast electrostatic coating

Enterprise idea:

more flexible technology applications

Higher reliability

constantly meet the individual needs of customers

Flexible installation

first-class cross regional service level

Major business:

Liquid, automatic, rotary cup, manual electrostatic spray gun, DISK bell electrostatic spraying system

Pneumatic double diaphragm pump, pressure drum, agitator, coating tube, etc.

Providing all kinds of spraying parts and maintenance services



In the procurement of built-in high voltage electrostatic spray gun, our technicians will be based on your products, coatings and spray process for your tailor-made

Hongda, spraying procurement consultant electromechanical products -- could be your intimate, let you rest assured purchase!

Professional supplier, electrostatic spray gun, hongda HDA is a good choice for you!

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Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

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