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HDA-60 rotary bell liquid electrostatic spray gun

product features:

HDA-60 high -speed electrostatic rotating bell had outstanding performance, excellent surface quality, hig paint transfer efficiency, and extraordinary service life. its the similar product in the markets in current.

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HDA - 60 air trubine rotary bell electrostatic spray gun 

HDA-60 air trubine rotary bell spray gun

Electrostatic spraying is accoumplished by apply high voltage electrostatic charge on the coating particles to the coating parts with good grounding, The advantage of electrostatic spraying is to improve the efficiency of coating transmission and reduce the waste of paint, Electrostatic spraying technology is usually used by factories with large production volume and high quality requirments, so as to save production costs.

turbo bell electrostatic spray guns

The modle "T"  usually used to fix on the robot, for the automatic electrostatic  robotic coating as following: 

electrostatic robotic automatic coating

Excellent suface quality: Coatings are further atomized by applying static charges, resulting in better surface quality with smaller coating particles.

HDA-60 straight model usually use for reciprocating coating machine for automatic electrostatic coating;

HDA-60 bell gun for reciprocationg coating machine

Rotary bell generally has three installation methods: fixed, reciprocating coating machine, and coating robot, paint from the center to the hight speed rotating bell head, bell head is charged and 80KV high voltage transmission to the paint, when the paint touches the bell head, is charged with high voltage negative charge, because these charges repel each other, when the paint leaves the bell head, paint particles it's split by the charge into smaller and more uniform particles until the surface tension of the coating is balanced with the charge replusion.

Coating PLC control cabine:

HDA coating PLC control system

PLC is the main control system of the bell and the spraying, use to control the reciprocating coating machine, paint supply (gear pump), static voltage switch, system interlock, warning rotating speed and speed, and others function., automatic equiped with PLC automatic control system, automatic deteciong working clearance, to achieve more accurate spraying. ( The control cabinet willing customzed according to the spraying required, as the coating only one bell gun, and some of them us two or above bells control be the same PLC center control.

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Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

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