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How to Use Electrostatic Spray Gun

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According to statistics, the number of people using electrostatic spraying guns is increasing day by day, but some teachers have some problems because of improper use. Now let me explain some correct methods of using electrostatic spraying guns. How to avoid these mistakes?

First of all, we should do a good job in the confirmation before painting operations:

Inspection of high voltage electrostatic generator:

* Turn the air valve on and set the air conditioner to 3 kgfcm to supply air to the spray gun. At this time, check the hose connection for air leakage.

* Hold the handle of the spray gun and turn on the power switch of the high voltage generator. When the green light is on, there is no high voltage static electricity in the front of the spray gun.

* Push the trigger of the spray gun, make air eject from the nozzle, and the pneumatic switch installed in the control box acts as a high voltage electrostatic generator, and the high voltage display lamp (red) lights up. When the red light is on, high voltage static electricity occurs at the front end of the spray gun. (Note: The power switch of the control box should be switched on to OFF when the inspection is completed.)

How should we deal with the long-term non-applicability of electrostatic spraying gun?

* Turn the power of the control box to OFF;

* Adjust the regulator of atomized air to 0 Mpa;

* Draw out the suction tube from the paint cylinder;

* Drive the paint pressure device with low pressure (1kgf/cm_) to make the paint return in the pump to discharge.

* Push the trigger of the spray gun to make the residual paint in the spray gun eject from the front section of the spray gun (automatically);

* The solvent inhaled by the paint is discharged from the reflux pipe and repeated until the pump is clean.

* The solvent is discharged from the front section of the spray gun to make the hose and the inside of the spray gun clean.

* Stop the operation of the pump and release residual pressure from the front section of the spray gun;

* Remove the paint stain attached to the nozzle with a solvent-dipped rag, remove the nozzle and clean the paint on the valve seat between the nozzle and the nozzle;

Now, we have learned some correct ways to use the electrostatic spray gun, so how do we maintain the electrostatic spray gun? Hongda Spraying Machinery and Electricity teaches you two tricks: the spraying gun should always be cleaned after work, and be carefully cleaned with a soft brush or cloth dipped in a solvent. In the process of operation, the nozzle should be cleaned frequently, otherwise the coating attached to the nozzle will cause poor particulatization. Coatings hoses and power lines should also be kept clean, not to adhere to paint and other sundries.

Above is what we need to pay attention to when we operate the electrostatic spray gun. In fact, it is not so difficult and we don't need to worry about its safety. Many things will be handy as long as we operate correctly and become a good assistant in your painting operation.

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